Frequently Asked Questions

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What are your fees?

When two parents are mandated to attend together, each parent must pay for their own enrollment and weekly fee. 
Enrollment fee is $40.00
Weekly fee is $55 per parent per session.
Parents can pay for full program and receive a discount  when enrolling online.

What days do you offer the sessions?

As soon as both parents enroll, parents are contacted via email with their first appointment. All appointments are between 5pm-8pm and parents are not able to pick and choose. Parents must work around their scheduled time & day.

How can I register?

You must register online.

What happens if the other parent does not enroll for co-parenting?

If the other parent does not enroll, the parent that did enroll must keep their registration confirmation as proof to show to the court.

Do you have child care?

We do not have child care and parents must arrange child care before begining sessions.

What form of payment do you accept?

Cash, Venom, Zelle, or Debt/Credit Card ($3.00 charge).